Week 09

Crypto/Blockchain Ideas

A Cryptocurrency
whose value depends
on a natural good.

By Pablo Zuloaga Betancourt

A few years ago, when I learned about the concept of ICOs and Blockchain, I was wondering if there was any way to create an ICO whose value depended on a natural good, seeing it as a way to invest to take care of nature. My approach is a currency that, for example, invests in pandas or forests and that in case the population of pandas in the world increases or forests, as the case may be, the value of it rises. I do not know if the way is that everything collected by the ICO is invested in the conservation and reproduction of the same, but I do not finish closing the issue of where the future collected profit could come from… who would pay it? I think it works in a certain way like investments in agricultural projects or CapitalCell, with the difference that in the end with these they have a good that will be commercialized and from which the profit comes.


Blockchain as a way
to stabilize market prices for farmers.

By Pablo Zuloaga Betancourt

For my Master project, which is related to how to improve the quality of life of small farmers in rural villages through technology, one of the problems farmers have is that they are those who receive less income throughout the chain of production, many times because they do not know the market prices and they depend of an intermediary that buys and sells their goods. What makes me think of a blockchain system in which the price is given by the sum of the prices of the peasants in each region, in which each peasant can declare the value they are paying for their harvest and with this try to match the price received by everyone. I don't know if this could be done through blockchain only, or maybe even creating a cryptocurrency (AGRO) that works as a currency of exchange between farmers and markets. I imagine a platform like Coinbase in which they can upload the stock they have of their products, and where the price of the market was given by the common agreement between buyers and sellers. think this could also help farmers to know the supply and demand of some crops over others so that this would also help them decide which crops to harvest or what is the best time to sell.


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