Fab Academy 5

3D Printing

Arduino Case

For this week we have to 3D print something that wasn´t possible to be made in substractive mode, so my first mistake was making somenthing that could be made in a CNC, but anyway I want to show it and upload it because is something that works for my final projects, and because I had a really big learning in the process of 3D modeling and printing it.

I created it in Fusion 360, a software that I have never used before, by following this tutorial, but changing it a little bit to personalize it. There where some thing, like the main design that I wasn´t able to change because it depends of some measurments of the arduino itself.



Case Upper Side File

Case Lower Side File


Whole Project

Case Upper Side File

Case Lower Side File

I had some troubles printing first in the Reprap, Medium FDM printer (flexible), because it was setted only for flexible material, so I losed a lot of time looking for the material, untill Mickel told us that we had to change material. After that I changed into the Big Plate 3D printer, and started printing 4 times on it, but in the begginig, I had a problem in the cura settings, because it was on mold, so it started printing only the sides or molds of te project. The it wasn´t filling the whole mesh, so we we checked it again, and the nozle was kind of stuck, so we unmounted the nozzle, cleaned it and then saw that the fan was also missing one blade. So we started for the third time, and then it didn´t worked again, so we changed into the Delta FDM 3D printer, and everything worked well, even when the first layer wasn´t sticking to the bed.

NOZZLE:                  0.4

BED HEAT:              60

NOZZLE HEAT:      200

MATERIAL:             PLA

LAYER HIGHT:       0.2

INFILL:                     Progressive

3D Scann

For 3D Scanning, I started using Qlone, with the printing Pad, but it actually has a lot of problem with details. Then It has an option to turn it around, but the object deformed (it was an Advil jar).

The I tried with a small saint, "El niño de Praga" (Il bambini di Prague), but didn´t do the second step, so it doesn´t has much definition.

I also tried with Metashape software, first scanning the printed model of my Arduino Case, but it takes so much time trying to process the images, so I stopped before it finished adding the textures, and now I´m trying again with less pictures, with less resolution, but it is still processing....


Mobirise page software - Details here