Speculative Scenario


Farmers would be able to grow almost anything in different environments due to plant adaptation and technology, and they would have a database created by the P.O.W.A.R (Plant Observatory of Weather Adaptability for Resiliency), that will tell them how to grow different things under certain conditions, according to a database that was feed years ago between farmers around the world who experimenting with different kinds of plants, in different kind of environments in the P.O.W.A.R. device; and that tells them which plants could they grow depending of certain extreme conditions like amount of water, sunlight or temperature.

What if they could be able to adapt seeds, by forcing some plants growing environmental condition to the limit in DIY devices that can simulate climate inside, so they can adapt faster to extreme weathers, so for example, each year they were forced into the P.O.W.A.R. to grow in a change of five centigrade degrees, so that the plants that survived, where forced next year five degrees more, and the same with the amount or lack of water, or sunlight, etc. Creating in that way almost naturally evolved plants for extreme environments like extreme hotness, coldness, droughts or floods.


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