For this intervention I was going to collaborate with the Itinerarium foundation in Rupít since they bought a FarmBot to install in a hostel/restaurant they have there a space they want to convert into a FarmLab where they give classes, courses and workshops on technology and agriculture, to avoid desertion of peasants from small rural villages to the main cities of Spain.

This project came to me thanks to Xavi and Santi from The Future Learning Unit at FabLab Barcelona, ​​who knew the people of the Itinerarium Foundation and saw this Farmlab that they want to build as an opportunity to further develop my project, and Tomás Diez , the director of MDEF, who agreed that I could work with them as a collaboration between Itinerarium and Fablab.

Sadly, it is on hold at the moment due to the Covid-19 and the Royal Mandate in Spain, which prohibits the mobilization of people outside of their houses and through the country.

Anyway, I´m going to try to explain a little bit of what the project is about, its current state, and the FarmBot technology we are going to start using.

The "bulli" of rural innovation arrives


The "Farmlab" is a project of the Itinerarium Foundation, a center for the creation and dissemination of rural technology projects, to curb depopulation in Spain.

With d’Eurecat and Fab Lab Barcelona technological support , this center based in Pruit will develop projects with environmental sustainability as its main objective.

"We have to show people that they can live in towns just as well as in Barcelona, ​​Madrid or New York".



FarmBot is an open source precision agriculture CNC farming project consisting of a Cartesian coordinate robot farming machine, software and documentation including a farming data repository.The project aims to "Create an open and accessible technology aiding everyone to grow food and to grow food for everyone." FarmBot is an open source project allowing hardware, software and documentation modifications and additions from users.

Current state of the Project

Flat ground with stakes.

Construction of the bed on the spot.

While now...

They have already started to build the bed on which the Farmbot will be mounted, and on which the garden will be planted.

When everything is normalized, I hope to continue with the project, for the moment I am still investigating its operation and trying to design of the crop that we will plant.

In this case, the intervention will be first within myself as an experiment subject to see how I understand the technology, and then try teaching it to someone else in the community, trying to find the best methodology or way to translate this tech literacy into others who are more into agriculture and vice versa.

Because of the Covid I still don´t know if I´m going to be able to conclude this part, but anyway, I wanted to added here because it opened to me a new way of looking at my project, maybe more educational rather than creating a new technology. Thinking more in a way to teach things to farmers, so maybe even they are the ones who solve their own problems.


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