Fab Academy 7

Computer Controlled Machine

Make Something Big

For this week asignment, we had to make something big on wood, using the CNC. For this it was required to have Dog Bone Joints, since the CNC drill cuts a little bit rounded, so it doesn´t makes straight cuts, so that makes this dificult to fit.


Dog Bone Joints

I found a very nice explanaition about how to make Dog Bone Joints that I will share below.

Basically what I did was to create a cilinder with the diameter of the tool, and snap one of the borders to the corner of the object I´m cutting and then extrude it.

As it says here, you sould also snap the center of the ciliner to the corner, but that will create a bigger unnecesary joint, compared to the smaller one I´m telling you which is much cleaner in the design.

After creating the cilinder, you can also mirror it to do exactly the same cut in the other side.

There are a lot more kind of pressfit joints, but this are the ones I used.


For this project I followed a tutorial to create a stove in Fusion 360 and modified a little bit the measures and design, and then applied the learnings to create my own desk with a Z shape on it because of my last name.

In the same tutorial they also teach how to do the dogbones in an easy way.

Project Parameters

One of the most interesting things I learned in this tutorial is how to use parameters in my design to control different things like the thikness of the wood, the diameter of the tool (drill) I´m using in the CNC, the clearence I want to have in the cut, or even also some characteristics from the object like the height, diameter or some angles.

This helps a lot to make quick changes without having to redisign everything again, but instead just changing a parameter.


Setting the CAM Files

I still haven´t done this part, neither cut it so I will update it after.


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