Week 02

Atlas of Weak Signals

Primary Signals


Secondary Signals

  • Technology for Equality
  • Interspecies Collaboration
  • Redesigning social
  • Dismantling the filter bubbles
  • Truth Wars
  • World Governance
  • Climate Consciousness
  • Carbon Neutral lifestyle

My map is created around Rural Futures, Refugee Tech and Pick your own Passport, and in the path to find a way to interconnect them, I decided better to tell three different stories that in the end are interrelated between them and with some other weak signals.

In summary, I believe that if we do not work for a rural future, we will continue to increase migration, so we need to think more and more about refugee technology... people without a country who would love to be able to Pick Their Own Passport… something that could only be possible in a new world.


Rural Futures

I´m interested in Rural Futures because of some projects I was involved with in Guatemala, and the worked around the problematics of health, sanitariness, nutrition, violence, economy, misogynism and sexual education. I think that some possible context could be rural villages in Colombia, Guatemala, Asia, Africa or any other place. The projects could even be tested in different environments to find a way to adapt them to different conditions, but mainly rural villages for people in situation of poverty.

I think some of the Rural future problems could be solved by using Technology for Equality to help them improve their ways of life. Maybe by using animals creating energy (Interspecies Collaboration), making farming process more intelligent (responsible and efficient) IoF, looking for healthier ways to cook (without wood ovens inside houses) or maybe a way to give them more access to water or other basic needs.

So I ask myself, 

How Might We create a healthier, wealthier housing for people in Rural Villages (USING AQUAPONICS)?

But another problem I find with rural futures is that a lot of people from rural villages is moving into the city, because of the lack of jobs or opportunity, but when they arrive at the cities, they are not really prepared to what that could mean for them, so what if maybe the solution is in rethinking or Imagining New Jobs for them, or at least a new way of doing things? Neither in the city or rural villages?


How Might We create a new way of farming that could work for rural people as a job in the cities where they could use all of their knowledge but including new technologies?


How Might We develop a new way of farming that could use technology for rural people to get the most out of their lands so they don´t have to mobilize to the cities?

Refugee Tech

Thinking about how Rural Futures are evolving, I think that because of climate change or other issues, there is going to be a lot of migration of rural people to the cities to look for new jobs or opportunities. So that makes me think about the refugees, and all the mobilization of people because of different problems, what I related to the Refugee Tech signal, and started thinking about the different ways of migrations that are happening nowadays like The Forced Migrations (because of violence), the Opportunities Migration (Lack of Opportunities) or even the Climate Migration.

Some context where I could wok in could be the Refugee Camps, the Demobilized Camps or the Migrant Communities around the world.


One of the problems I see in Migrants or Refugees is that a lot has been said about them, but most of it is not the truth. Hate news against them that generate xenophobia and fear of them, which makes me think that we would have to Redesign Social, by Dismantling the Filter Bubbles and enter in a Truth War, so that everyone could know the truth about them, and not only the media manipulated news that people receive. 

How Might We dismantle the truths about the Refugees/Migrants so that people know the truth about them, and accept them more inclusively?

Pick Your Own Passport

But the other problem I see is that since some of their countries are living political problems or wars, they have no nationality at the moment, which makes me think about the posibilitty of Picking Your Own Passport.

How Might We create a nationality for those who have no country? Or is it maybe that we would have to create a new country or political system for them, a place where all refugees and immigrants could be treated as citizens respectfully?


Thinking about this utopic place, I even believe that refugees and immigrants can be among the people who leave the least carbon footprint due to their austere way of life.

How Might We design a new World Governance system in which Visas or Passports are granted according to your level of Climate Consciousness? 

How Might We design a tax model that could in which taxes are collected depending on your Carbon Neutrality?

How Might We design a place where the Universal Basic Income depends on the negativity of your Co2 emissions, you get paid if you overcompensate your environmental damage, so the greener you are, the more income you receive?

Next Steps


Investigate more around the topics I like to decide one to start with. 


Think about the experiment I want to make. 


Design a model to collect information whit the experiment.


Run the experiment.


Analyze the data or learnings that came from the experiment. 


Design the exhibition. 


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