Atlas of Weak Signals

Designing for the Anthropocene

Design for the Anthropocene

- Climate Conscience
- Inter-Species Collaboration
- Long-Termism
- Carbon Neutral Lifestyle
- Fighting Anthropocene Conflicts

In this class we saw a bit about all the effect of man on the earth and how we are slowly ending it. The Anthropocene is a proposed geological epoch dating from the commencement of significant human impact on Earth's geology and ecosystems, including, but not limited to, anthropogenic climate change. (Wikipedia)

Since 1979, we have lost 70% of the ICE in the pole. 10.000 tons per second. We have lost most of the perennial ICE. In 2018 the last male White Rhino dies. 2 females are alive. In 2019 the first glacier loses his category of glacier. In the Holocene, agriculture started and people settled in cities instead of being nomads. The Anthropocene is the new age of humanity. Jul 16, 1945 first Nuclear Test, and 1945 coincides with the great acceleration.

The Paris Agreement is created as a plan to fight back the carbon emissions which we can describe in two: Absolute Zero: NO CO2 Emissions, and Relative Zero. CO2 generated but compensated. Research’s in Geo Engineering are starting to be done, looking it as a way to stop climate crisis by finding new ways to reduce the sea acidity or making the clouds bounce the sunlight.

With my group we chose the “Carbon Neutral Lifestyle” signal and with it we designed a speculative product / object, which is a panel that is used in concerts to convert sound waves into electricity, using piezoelectric technology and thus try to have a more sustainable concert, which reduces the carbon footprint generated by everything that flows around these events.


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