Atlas of Weak Signals

Life in the times of Surveillance Capitalism

Life in the times of Surveillance Capitalism

- Attention Protection
- Dismantling Filter Bubbles
- Circular Data Economy
- Truth Wars
- Redisigning Social

Nowadays we have to fight for our data protection in social media, apps stealling our attention, fake news and the filter bubbles taht decide what we see online. People gets rich with our data, something that is supposed to be ours. Apps are designed in a way that traps us so that we get addicted to viewing them.

In the beginning, nobody knew who you are on the internet. Anyone could create a web page, but not everyone was on the internet. With the Web 2.0 tools that made easier for the people to get on the internet. (flickr, blogg pages, etc). The internet can now be used as a weapon of mass communication and destruction. (Twitter / Facebook).

In 2008 with the arrival of the Smartphone, the time of attention economy started. A like is the validation you need from someone about what you do. A notification is like an unopen present for you. The timeline or the wall, is a personalized selection of content just for you. It will never be the same for two people. We have infinite scrolls, with infinite amount of information. Pull to refresh feature, is like the jackpot machine that you pull and gives you something new. Next episode on Netflix playing in 9 seconds… a way of time limitation to make people hurry to continue. NETFLIX CEO says: Sleep is our competition. “Clickbait”: Headlines that are meant to make people click. (what happened next will surprise you). “Fake News” Veles Macedonia: The Capital of Fake News, a city where they live from creating fake news.

Personalization is the perfect tool for Profiling people for micro-targeting. Is a way to know exactly what you like. Microtargeting: Given people what likes depending of data we have from them. We are training Neural Networks by answering captcha, helping to build artificial intelligence models that involve image recognition.

With my group we chose the “Truth Wars” signal and with it created an specultavide anti Fake News force called "The FNI" Fake News Investigation agency, an agency that has a fake news detector and that commes from the future to prevent people to share fake news over social media.


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