Atlas of Weak Signals

Life After AI and the End of Work

Life After AI
/ the End of Work

- Technology for Equality
- Figthing AI bias
- Imagining New Jobs
- Making Universal Basic Income work
- Human-Machine creative collaboration

There has been an increace in Inequality of distribution due to globalization. Less than 1% of population owns 99% of the richness. The gig economy has proliferated "Shit Jobs", wich need low skills, and generate low value.

In the future there are going to be millions of people that have no skills to compete against robots, and that is going to generate an "Useless Class". Even if it´s true that machines are still far away from being like humans, it is also true that they don´t need to be like us, they just need to be good enough to perform our jobs. Machines are beating humans in games, the era of automation has started to grow in a rush. We are programing and creating machines to do our work in everyday life since we invented the wheel.

This makes some even wonder, if this taking of the world by machines will force us in a certain way to reinvent ourselves. Perhaps as a world in which the Universal Basic Income is guaranteed for all, a world in which machines pay taxes for the workers they replace and thus people can dedicate themselves to more creative tasks. Technology is also creating many different jobs because someone has to create or design the systems for these machines to work, or get the data or information they need to feed their knowledge. This will make us need to invent new jobs for the new opportunities or needs that arise in the world, as well as with its evolution through technology.

With my group we chose the “Technology for equality” signal and we created a futuristic world in the year 2100, of flying island in the air in which resources where equily distributed for everyone, called "Equilibrium".


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