Atlas of Weak Signals

After The Nation State

After The Nation State

- Making World Governance
- Rural Futures
- Pick Your Own Passport
- Refugee Tech
- Welfare State 2.0

What is a NATION:?

- Common different structures.
- Taxation Systems. 
- With the capacity of defend itself. 
- Self-independent in governance. 

Quasi Estate: 

Some countries that lack of the characteristics of what we define as a country, but are still a country.

European Union:

- Supra national bodies.
- National Integration. 
- Freedom of movement, capital of goods. 


It is making the world to have more borders, more strict migration policies. Nationalism is also used as a weapon, or a political statement that supposedly protects tha nation from foreigners, diferent nationalities, religions or race.

Rural/Urban Division:

Getting bigger and bigger centralization in cities, has given a lack of opportunities for rural areas. People in the countryside are tend to be more conservative. This made Trump win, Brexit to happen, and politically to be easier to be controlled by urban areas.

Welfares State:

States can no longer provide education, healthcare, pensions, and welfare in general to all the habitants in their country as they were able to do it before.


The radical deregulation of the movement of capital and governments. Capital could move freely around the world, producing goods at the cheapest cost, approved for some policies.

Tax paradises:

Have destabilized the welfare state of the countries because of the movement of capital, which has given the possibility to evade taxes in each country, and those taxes were supposed to be the fundament of the welfare state.

Anti-Migration Movement: 

Refugees related to the de-composition of existing states, political tensions between blocks, problems in frontiers. Nation states are not going to lose their soberanity in their frontiers.

The Wild State:

After everything fails, a kind of Mad Max society without rules, of people who live in riots

With my group we mixed some signals like Rural Futures and World Governance, and we created an speculative news report about a new law, supposedly created by the EU, in which technology and nature conservancy would be compulsory subjects for kids in school.


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