Design Studio

1 - My New Me


Reshapping myself in pandemic situations.

Earlier this year, the world began to experience a virus outbreak that seemed far away from everyone. Something that for some only happened in Asia, so we thought we should not worry ... Until the end of April, the first cases began to be seen in Spain. On March 13, 2020 the president decided to declare a national state of emergency, by which some restrictions regarding mobility, social interaction, and rules of hygiene, coexistence, and social distancing began to be applied. Some days before this, the closing of schools and universities had also been ordered, so from there, we had to start doing all of our classes virtually, as well as the interactions with communities that we had been developing for our interventions. Even reaching the point where our design studio presentation, in which we showed all the progress of our project, had to be done digitally.
When all this started, everyone's life changed, and with it, my social, educational, and work environment. The days were sometimes made longer by being locked up at home. Distractions from TV, making food, doing laundry, shopping, trying to get some exercise, chatting with people who are in your country at a different time, or discussions about the future of the world in COVID with your roommates also made it difficult to continue personal concentration. At the beginning of all this, we were all experts and ignorant at the same time, we were looking for information about it all the time, but there was so much saturation of information that sometimes you were more uninformed than you really knew. As someone once told me, one thing is what we know, what we think we know, and what really happens.
My new days seem to start backward. I went to bed late talking to people from Colombia, I got up late to class, I had lunch, I studied or did a little research, I exercised and at the end of the night, I bathed, and then lost my sleep again between Netflix and chats. The bed was my new homework desk, the balcony was my new classroom and experimentation area, and my Arduino kit became my way of continuing to learn technology from my home. I was now more connected with people than ever, at the same time we were also disconnected or far away.


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