Week 02

Speculative Stories

“A carbon-neutral utopia”

Speculative Story By Pablo Zuloaga

Climate change has reached the limit, therefore a new measure of social value and responsibility appeared: Personal sustainability. A measure based on the amount of Co2 and waste that each one generates. In the year 2040, the carbon footprint has turned into a new way of measuring the taxes someone has to pay or even the amount of money he receives from the universal basic income. Being responsible becomes cool, humans, although late, have realized the damage they have done to the earth so far and, as a measure to solve it, new laws are created to regulate everything.

New empires are born in what were previously ecological paradises or third world countries, who are now the owners of the few resources that the land has left, granting visas and passports only to people with zero-waste. These same countries are the ones that begin to lead the assemblies of the United Nations and create the G7 (Green 7), an alliance of the 7 countries that own 40% of the natural resources of humanity. 

The land is divided, and where the civilized countries used to be, now there is only a group of exiles guided by consumerism and lack of ecological awareness. A group of people who, due to their lack of responsibility, are forced to live in the most polluted places on the planet, since natural paradises are only giving entry to people with a green mentality. There is no soil to cultivate, so they have to grow all their food using aquaponics.

“The land
of immigrants”

Speculative Story By Pablo Zuloaga

The year 2025, the world is living the worst immigrational crisis ever, each year more then people migrate from their maiden countries to find a new place that receives them because of violence, war, the lack of opportunity in their own countries and the rapid increase of temperatures. Big nations stopped receiving them and closed their frontiers for migrants and foreigners…the same big nations that create most of the hate communication, climate crisis, and xenophobia around the earth.

A new Island is created to send all the refugees and immigrants, an Island governed by the united nations and the blue helmets. A new system of local production is created and the island is designed to be self-sufficient. Aquaponic system's, animal generated energy, responsible farming, ecological construction, working with droid and AI to control their farms, animal and energy sources.

25 years later, the island has become an example to the world, because they learned from past mistakes and a new sustainability paradise has been created. The first children of this land are already over the '20s and start to share their experiences around the world to try to save what is left.


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