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I took advantage of this time to learn many things online, some on agriculture and farming, some on electronics and the internet of things, a little artificial intelligence, and some on futures designs. I saw many tutorials on how to take care of spinach, and other small tips for growing food at home. While with the Arduino I started experimenting with my own sensors, designing my interfaces, servers, and networks to carry out my digital fabrication project. This self-learning, made me advance a lot with my electronic skills, losing the fear of trying, experiencing, and correcting errors that were frequent before. Mixing several tutorials taught me different things, which complemented knowledge that served me for others. I tried to start connecting my Arduino with my raspberry, my raspberry to a screen, my Node MCU with my computer, and this made me understand how things worked between them.
On the other hand, I began to upload content more frequently to my networks about my experiments with Arduino and the care of my plants, and that caused many people to ask me questions about it, which allowed me to share knowledge with others. People sent me photos of what they were growing, shared tips, tricks, or asked me if I knew why their plant did not grow, how to plant them better or how much water they should give them. The same thing happened with the videos that I had uploaded from my programming or Arduino experiments, so people started asking me how I had done them, what had been my experience with the type of sensor I was using, and so on, and they all liked them. I was able to share my documentation so they could replicate it. Also in communities such as Instructables, modern geek tutorials, and others, I was able to start commenting on people's projects, telling them how I had executed them and if I had modified or improved their code or system in any way. Also, what used to be my permaculture communities, Valldaura and Connecthort, had become WhatsApp groups in which we all shared information, links, questions, and more, related to agriculture. Everything that was previously physical and required contact, was finding a way to virtualize without leaving home, generating a different type of connection.

This new me, new tools and connections I had around, made me realize that even when the way I was researching for my project was changing, the project essence could still be the same. Farmers now have new and different problems, but there is also a technological acceleration because of the COVID. This Pandemic has given a lot of uncertainty about everything in the world, but that is the same kind of uncertainty that we are supposed to deal with when designing futures. An uncertainty, that also came with a lot of new week signals that give us some indications on how they could evolve.

In the course of this pandemic, I also had many moments of indecision and whether I should stay in Barcelona to see my virtual classes or in a way return to Colombia and see them from there without having to pay such a high cost for leases since here you pay for a room the cost with which you could get a very good apartment there. The Barcelona I had come to study in was totally limited by confinement without a certain moment of when it would return to normal, but even so I decided to move to a much cheaper place, to extend my life a little more. stay, which led me to go from living with only one person to living now with 4 more. New people, with new interests that in a way also changed my connections and contact with the world, my conversations, and my space. I went from being in a room feeling limited by not having a desk to study, to having a room with a huge desk where I can play and experience much more. This also accelerated my learning curve, as well as the fact that one of my new roommates is also studying the master with me, but she is a person who had a rejection and block to technology, so I took her as a subject of experimentation and test for teaching electronics since this type of blockage is something that I will surely have to face if I want to teach small farmers about technology.


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