Design Studio

5 - Emergent Narratives



In order to communicate my project to the world, I first defined it´s mission, vision, and purpose of it, to start looking for the different actors I want to reach with my projects, and define a strategy to approach them through different media. The one I post is an initial strategy, but it is going to change during time as the project evolves.

I mixed this strategy with the radar of people and networks that we created with Daniel Charning, in which we define some categories and then start mapping who do we want to reach, locating closer to the projects the ones that are easier for you to approach and in the external part the hardest ones.


This radar is also going to change as the project evolves. I think it would be nice to have one of this printed and try to be constantly filling and modifying it during time.

To write the mission, I looked deeply into what I want to achieve with it, the people involved and the way I was going to do it. And for the vision I tried to look forward in time an visualize in a future future, which would be my highest achievable goal.


Empower farmers and people around the globe through digital fabrication skills and permaculture knowledge,  towards a sustainable, self-sufficient
climate resilient life.


Guarantee food security 

I also wanted to add the purpose of my project to this communication plan, and for creating it I used IDEO purpose wheel, which is a tool that “Helps teams envision how a company might have impact in the world beyond profit”, as they say it in the downloadable tool. I modified this one a little bit in design, por the thesis purpose, to add some logos and adapt the text.

I would say that the project should exist, in order to ENABLE POTENTIAL OF PEOPLES AND PLACES, by EMPOWERING GROWTH through education, starting from individuals into groups, and from groups into society.

To teach this individuals some skills that they could use to improve their life, enabling them with the needed technologies, for them to spread that knowledge with their groups, and therefore, create a network of knowledge between different societies that helps each other address similar issues.


The Future

In the future I hope this Project grown from Drops to Floods, inundating the world with knowledge that helps others. I hope that for that time, the structure is already self reply able, so that every village or town in the world could have been touched by it.

Networks of Farmers Connected around the world.
I visualize many FarmLabs around the world in those villages, helping the farmers to build tools that help them improve their production, and be more resilient to climate change.

I dream of a lot of schools and farmers around the world, using the “Farmi-Kits” and other solutions we design, to gather data about plants, soil, weather conditions and farming in general, to generate a worldwide database of local, ancestral, sensorial knowledge that could be shared among everyone, to help us take smarter decisions. Open source tools, agricultural techniques and data, for the benefit of all.

I see myself starting some of this first Farms Labs around the world, and adjusting the model until it is self-sufficient, to then start managing the data that is collected between them to optimize it and try to find solutions to different problems with it. I hope that the model self sustains through time


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