Design Dialogues

Final Reflection

Final Reflection

Post final Design Dialogues Presentation.


These nine months have changed my life in a very positive way. When I got here, I had the idea to learn how to do everything. I believed that I was going to come out with a company, an object, or a solution to some problem in the world that would give me money to continue doing other projects. I believed that I had to provide solutions, save the world or invent something relevant, but along the way I understood that the future cannot be built at once, it must be formed with small taps. 

It took a lot of work for me to come from the world of creativity, advertising and ideas, realizing that I didn't have to be giving solutions all the time like I used to do in my work, and in one day you could give many solutions to different clients, but Instead, I now realize that everything is part of a process in which we have to intervene little by little to make a change little by little since the future is built by trial and error.

During the process, I had moments of love, hate, despair, demotivation, illusion, and glory. I had many moments when I no longer liked my project and wanted to change it, so I even started side projects like the Instagram account of "How to encode love?" As something that motivated me the most to take this path was the fact of learning new digital, electronic, and code manufacturing skills. In the end, I managed to make my project work so that this knowledge is implicit in it, to the point of even wanting to teach it to everyone.

With this project, I learned a lot about agriculture, just as I learned that I would never finish learning about it or many other things that I learned a bit in the master's degree, but at least now I understand the language and the scope technology, what helps me dream about what you can do with it, how far you can go and everything you can solve. I came here with the desire to learn how to make things happen, and I think I am leaving with many tools and knowledge of processes that will help me make many things come true.

In the final presentation, I got constructive comments and new ideas on how I could do things. I know this is an ambitious project, but I think that if I start it in a few, I believe that with the appropriate collaborators I can achieve it. For now, I should think about the name since it gives it some initial connotations and limitations for the simple fact of being associated with FabLab. I also have the idea that this project could probably turn into a real exchange of knowledge, as I expressed it for the purpose, where perhaps rural people can teach agriculture to city people, and city people possibly other skills to them.

I think that a compilation of global agricultural knowledge could be done while executing the project around the world, since there might be a lot of traditional or ancestral knowledge that can be used in other parts of the world to address some issues. By now, I’m going to finish my intervention in Rupit by building the Farmbot, and then see which other opportunities I have in there to continue my project. Also I'm going to finish prototyping the POWAR project as a FarmiKit with which a lot of kids around the globe could learn from, and start doing the documentation and maybe a founding campaign to start fabricating the first kits . Probably these new interventions will become another chapter or this thesis in the future. 

I don't know if this project is ending at the moment,
or if it is only beginning.



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