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5 - My New Weak Signals

My New
Weak Signals




The urban population is exploding around the globe, and yesterday’s food systems will soon be sub-optimal for many of the megacities swelling with tens of millions of people. Further, issues like wasted food, poor working conditions, polluted ecosystems, mistreated animals, and greenhouse gases are just some of the concerns that people have about our current supply chains. 
The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that complex supply chains can become fragile under the right circumstances. The closing of some business like restaurants and hotels, the closing of the borders, and distribution restriction, left farmers without no one to buy what they have been farming for this clients.
Farmers are interconnecting in new ways, directly with their consumers. Through WhatsApp chats, groups, social media or APPs. (F2C)


A poor smallholder farmers family in Colombia started a YouTube Channel, and now all the country is following them. Even dough their content is not still the best, with the amount of followers they have they can already monetize what they are doing. They also sell some kits for people to start growing their food at home.
Various accounts started uploading tutorials, tips and trick on how to grow food at home and others. Urban Orchards have started doing small courses through Zoom. People is showing what they do and teaching other people to do it.

(Farming As a Service)

• People with free space on their land, have started growing food for other people. It is like a rent you pay and they name the plants they are growing for you with your name.
• Cooltivat, an entrepreneurship in Catalunya. Are developing a system in which you design your orchard with an App and they farm it for you. You pay an initial value for a certain space of land and a monthly maintenance fee.
• New companies started to appear like Frutal Shakes in Barcelona, that deliver the food directly from the proximity farms to your home. You select what you want, or they have ready-made kits with fruits and vegetables.



a. Grow Your Own Food (hyperlocal production).

b. Digital Farming communities and influencers.

c. F2C / FAS - locally interconnected.

d. Indoor Farming


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