Week 02

Ernesto Oroza Lecture


When I listened to Ernesto I remembered something called "Colombianadas", objects made in Colombia with an eclectic mix of other objects to solve a need, but neither way I had never seen it with the point of view of the "Declaration of Need" that Ernesto talks about. 

I have always believed in the thought that need is the mother of inventiveness, but I never felt like that about these kinds of objects when I saw them on the streets before.  This also generated some conversations, which helped students to realize that this is not only usual in Latin America, but also Arab countries, India and other places. 

I liked the precarious manufacturing objects and techniques he talked about, and they make me think of the world of possibilities that these people may have if they only had some additional help for manufacturing. I think they have a raw creative potential given by the same need that moves them to do things. If we could somehow help them create some tools with the resources they already have, I think they can be of great help, as well as for us the issue of learning from their production processes.


I was personally impressed with the theme of the day's package, which personally was the greatest discovery of reading, finding the creative way in which information is transmitted through a more human than a virtual network. 


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