Design Studio

Final Reflection

Building futures step by step

Scaling through interventions

In each of the classes in this quarter of Design Studio, we saw how we ourselves had changed, how our tools, our environment, our connections had changed, and with all this, also our project.

But still we learned to navigate during these classes over the uncertainty, taking advantage of adversities and what we do not know. In recent weeks, everything has made more sense than ever. All the loose ends seem to come together somewhere.

One of the classes I liked most, and which I would think deserves a whole week is with laura Cleires, she has an amazing knowledge about future forecasting which I find pretty valuable.

Now I understand that the future is not made by being a solutionist and believing that we have solutions for everything, but through small steps through interventions that build it. Every week that passed, with each new learning I realized that my project had many options and ways of being approached. Each class the project took a turn, to go molding into what turned out in the end.


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